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About Us

Raydwell consultants are dedicated to helping our clients solve any problems related to doing business within China. Raydwell does this through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of the business environment in China. Learn more

Image of three business people working at meetingSourcing

Low wage rates, large scale infrastructure investments by the government, expanding manufacturing capabilities and a series of trade regulatory reforms mandated by WTO membership have made China the largest supplier of consumer goods and the most ideal sourcing base in the world.   Learn more

Market Entry - CopyMarket Entry Assistance

Raydwell consultants provide clients with the expertise and the resources crucially required for the success of their business plans in the new markets. From the toolkit prepared by Raydwell, clients are able to choose any of the services according to their specific needs. Learn more

Project Management - CopyProject Management

Raydwell consultants can work closely with our clients or act as their representatives to manage their projects in China. Some of our project management services include: Project Supervision, Client Representation, and Negotiation Assistance. Learn more