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Low wage rates, large scale infrastructure investments by the government, expanding manufacturing capabilities and a series of trade regulatory reforms mandated by WTO membership have made China the largest supplier of consumer goods and the most ideal sourcing base in the world.

However, there are a variety of issues for companies to think about and deal with before sourcing in China. These issues include:

- Lack of accurate market information which makes supplier selection difficult
- Lack of effective quality control system
- Ambiguous legal and regulatory environment
- Differences in cultural norms and protocols
- High variability of local manufacturer capabilities
Success can be achieved with Raydwell’s sourcing services. Through our well-established networks and resources in China, Raydwell can:
  • - Select reliable third party organizations to conduct an on-site quality assessment
  • - Identify and refer the most appropriate supplier candidates to clients international standards and the standards of the clients’ companies
  • - Design and implement effective internal management and quality control system
  • - Provide in-depth knowledge of relevant Chinese regulations
  • - Perform thorough due-diligence and monitoring of all commercial and governmental relationships